A female entrepreneur’s modern-day cause

A female entrepreneur’s modern-day cause

Leslie Tan, owner of Do Good Paper Co.

The fight for equal rights and respect for all continues in our society, decades after Rosa Parks’ brave act and Mother Teresa’s compassionate work. As a female entrepreneur, I think about the challenges that are unique to women now, especially those who are also mothers.

As a mom of three young kids, being an entrepreneur has its perks and also its challenges. I often ask myself, how big do I dare to dream? How much business growth can I handle at this point in my life? If I choose to dedicate more of my time to grow the business, does that make me a bad mother?

There is one peculiar thing that I’ve noticed since starting Do Good Paper Co. two summers ago, and that is: going with the flow usually works out. It’s a little deeper than that, you see… it’s not just a flow. It’s following all the signs that are presented, as well as riding a certain energy, and jumping on opportunities when they come up while proactively looking for them too. Sometimes, I believe there is divine intervention and other energy in the works to provide guidance. If what I’m doing is the right thing, progress seems to happen smoothly, and growth takes place.

But this doesn’t mean that I should give up if I’m met with resistance! Sometimes, it could be the right thing, but I have to put in the blood, sweat and tears to earn it. We have to use our wisdom to be able to discern whether something is the right thing to pursue but just needs a bigger effort, or if it’s truly not the right thing and forcing something to happen will not result in greatness anyway.

A female-entrepreneur (and in my case, a mompreneur) is a go-getter. She overcomes lots of obstacles, and she never stops. And from time to time, she’ll burn out and start all over again. Isn’t that perseverance amazing?

From what I’ve seen, most female entrepreneurs do what they do with the sincerest intentions. If they’re building a business, it’s not just to make money. It’s also to create and share something good; it’s to set an example; it’s to create a balanced life that allows her to be both a good mother and a contributing member of society.

On the surface, her business may be small. But what she’s doing is great. Everything begins with a dream. A woman who’s got the will and the skills, and a woman who’s empowered, can make her dreams come true. And she can create something for young girls and women of the future to build on. Her cause is worth supporting.

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So motivating or hear your perspective and story Les!! <3!!


Such a heartfelt post – and very relatable!


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