Do Good Paper Co. gives back a portion of proceeds
Do Good Paper Co. is a brand that strives to make a positive impact in two areas: one is to help customers find joy and inspiration in everyday writing tasks with our stationery products; the other is to give back and be mindful of the environment.

When sourcing our products and shipping supplies, we try our best to make eco-friendly choices, such as recycled paper and soy ink. 
Giving Back

Additionally, we believe that planting new trees is a great cause and commit to donating a portion of proceeds from online sales of our paper stationery products to 10,000 Trees.

 Meaningful Subscription Boxes

Each of Do Good Paper Co’s subscription boxes has a unique theme and supports a separate cause. A portion of proceeds from the sale of the Spring 2021 edition subscription box goes towards Pollinator Partnership Canada.

 Other Donations
On an ad hoc basis, Do Good Paper Co. also responds to current events by executing campaigns that can provide aid. For example, to help combat the fires devastating the Amazon Rainforest in August 2019, Do Good Paper Co. launched a campaign to raise funds to donate to Rainforest Trust. And in the winter of 2020, we made a donation to Youth Without Shelter to help homeless youth during the global pandemic.