Spring stationery subscription box with Rise and Shine notebook collection, eco pens, pen clip and earrings from Canadian small business

Rise and shine with the Spring 2024 Subscription Box

The Spring 2024 Subscription Box is the final one of our award-winning subscription boxes, and we wanted to make it as special as possible. This season, the theme and name of the new notebook collection is Rise and Shine.

The hope is for you to live a life filled with purpose and joy, and to do that by embracing each day with open arms and letting your inner light shine like a rising sun. This idea was largely inspired by the landscape photo that is featured on the covers of the notebooks included in this season’s box.

Here’s more about the notebooks and other products included.

Large Spiral Notebook – Rise and Shine

This is Do Good Paper Co.’s signature large spiral notebook with a hard cover and 3 sections of paper: lined, dotted and blank, separated by cardboard dividers. The pages of this multi-purpose notebook are bound together by strong copper coils that match the copper foil of the words “Rise and Shine” on the cover. It features a winning photo from a Photo Contest that we hosted in 2022, and it was taken by Jenna Bailey of Ottawa, Ontario.

One summer morning in 2022, Jenna waited patiently on her kayak on Otter Lake in Quebec, to get a sunrise photo that she had been thinking about for quite some time. After about an hour, she captured the stunning vista moments before the sun broke the horizon.

Set of 3 Small Notebooks – Rise and Shine

We love multi-purposefulness and continued this featured with the 3-pack of small paper notebooks. In this set, each notebook is unique in 2 ways: the cover and the type of paper inside.

  1. The first notebook features the landscape photo from above and includes lined paper.
  2. The second one has the words “Be the Light” on a solid blush cover and includes dotted paper.
  3. The third notebook has smokey sage colours and the words “Seize the Moment”. Inside are square grid pages.

Not only do the 3 notebooks come together as a beautiful set, but the paper used are also recycled paper, bound by thread. The petite size of these notebooks make them a great travel companion. We have this product in one of our original collections and they are one of our best sellers. I personally use them all the time on vacation to keep travel notes, which I later use to create photo memory books.

Do Good Eco Pens

These super popular pens are made of wheat straw, a bio-plastic that makes use of what would have become waste once the wheat is harvested. These fine tipped pens have black ink, and write very smoothly. We included a set of 4 pens in the neutral-coloured barrels, which come packaged in a Canadian-made kraft paper box.

Pen Clip

Along with the pens, we have included a handy pen clip that will help you keep your pen attached to any journal or notebook. Made with a vegan leather loop where you insert your pen, you can then slide the metal clip onto your journal cover.  Never go searching for a pen in a time of need again! Love this convenient tool? We have a few left and they’re available for purchase on our website.

Ray of Light Studs

Sticking with the shine theme, we curated some pretty earrings from a local Canadian small business to add some bling to your box. Wear them alone or stacked to enhance your inner beauty and shine some light to the external world. These studs are 14k gold over 925 sterling silver, and are protected in a pink velvety jewellery bag by Rock Paper Pretty.

Add-On: Large Spiral Notebook – Embrace the Day

Similar to the Rise and Shine version, this spiral notebook is made with vegan leather covers instead. The deep blush colour offers warmth, and the words “Embrace the Day” serves as a daily reminder to live each day to the fullest.


If you love nature and pretty things, and appreciate the reminders of inspirational words, then this stationery box is for you. All the stationery are very practical items too! Our subscription boxes make excellent gifts, but we think this is the perfect treat for yourself. And feel good with this purchase because not only is it inexpensive, but also a portion of your purchase is donated to a tree-planting charitable organization.

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