4 friends on the Devil's Bridge in Sedona, Arizona

5 Days in Sedona

Travel is a huge inspiration for our notebook designs and for personal growth. That is why I’m going to write a bit about my recent trip to Sedona, Arizona with some close girlfriends, and share some photos with you. Under each day, I’ll also leave you with one “know-before-you-go” idea. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to make a trip out to the land of red rocks and explore the awe-striking wonders of this destination.


  • Arrive in Phoenix, drive to Sedona; stop at Red Rock Ranger District Visitor Center
  • Late lunch at Stagecoach in West Sedona
  • Grocery run, then check-in at hotel or Airbnb (West Sedona is a great location)
  • Dinner on the patio of The Vault in Uptown Sedona for scenic views (only 10 mins away)


The Visitor Center is a great place to get maps and to talk to a staff member to get info based on your interests. Plus, it’s a great place to stop, even if it’s just for a few minutes, to take in your first sights of Sedona’s red rocks.



  • Early morning Hike to the Devil’s Bridge
  • Lunch in garden patio at ChocolaTree
  • Walk around Uptown Sedona
  • Pink Adventure Tours (Broken Arrow tour) – office is in Uptown Sedona
  • Dinner at Mariposa


The time change (coming from Canada) worked in our favour, as we naturally woke up very early and was able to get started on our first hike before the area became saturated with visitors. Devil’s Bridge is probably the most popular hike in Sedona, and you’d understand why the moment you see the rock bridge with majestic red rock faces behind it and green wilderness beneath it. There was a lineup by the time we reached the popular point, and then delightfully learned that the etiquette is to help take photos for the group in front of you.



  • Morning Hike to Birthing Cave
  • Picnic with a view of Cathedral Rock (either at a scenic lookout point on the highway, or try Crescent Moon Ranch)
  • Shop and dine at Tlaquepaque Village
  • UFO tour with Sedona UFO Tours


Today was all about exploring more, even up towards the sky. One of the most memorable experiences of this trip was the Original Sedona UFO & Stargazing Night Tour with Sedona UFO Tours. Did you know that Sedona is one of the world’s greatest hotspots for UFO sightings? Whether or not you believe in UFOs, this tour was amazing in many ways…. And believe it or not, we did see UFOs.



  • Climb Bell Rock and discover its energy
  • Lunch at Indian’s Garden
  • Crystal shopping at Crystal Magic
  • Hike to Airport Mesa for vortex and view, head back to trailhead for sunset


There are 7 popular vortexes (“vortices” is grammatically more correct, but people don’t say that) – places with swirling centres of energy. You don’t have to be spiritual to feel uplifted in these places. Maybe it’s the incredible views or the euphoria after reaching a summit… or maybe it IS the vortexes. At Airport Mesa, you can stay at the top of the rock for a marvellous view of the sunset, but the hike back would be in the dark. So, we opted to hike back to be safe, just in time for the sun to hit the horizon and it was simply breathtaking.



  • Check out
  • Stop at Chapel of the Holy Cross on the way back to Phoenix


A visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a must. It is actually one of the 7 seven manmade wonders of Arizona, and the structure itself truly is amazing. The natural surroundings of the site are even more amazing. There is an immensely peaceful feeling about the place, and you feel so close to the rocks. Look for a pair of rocks that are called “Praying Hands.”

As always, I am sure glad I kept a travel notebook to document all the things we did. The details will go into the photo book, which I’ll be making with my friends soon!

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