Writing prompts to connect with the Great Outdoors

Writing prompts to connect with the Great Outdoors

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June is The Great Outdoors Month, and what a perfect theme for us to use for our daily journaling prompts. As nature has sprung into full growth mode, there is so much more sun, greenery and life out in the wild. If you can, get out there and connect with Mother Earth.

And use these writing prompts to connect with Her and with yourself. Spend 5-10 minutes a day to write in your journal for an abundance of benefits. Cycle through these prompts each week, writing new entries or adding to the previous week.

Sunday – “If I were a part of nature, I’d be this element: ____”

Monday – “Today, I will shine bright like the sun by…”

Tuesday – “Mountains were formed by crushing forces and now they stand tall and strong. This reminds me…”

Wednesday – “Imagining myself in the forest, I would tell the trees…”

Thursday – “A vivid memory of a time when I was in the great outdoors: ____’

Friday – “If I were a butterfly, I would fly to…”

Saturday – “I step out into nature and notice…”


We post these prompts daily in our Instagram stories, so follow us there to be prompted everyday.

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