Made with love, by passionpreneurs

Made with love, by passionpreneurs

Leslie and Richard Tan, co-founders of Do Good Paper Co.

What is Do Good Paper Co.? Yes, it’s a Canadian independent stationery company that sells beautiful paper products and gives back by donating a portion of proceeds to various causes. But it is more than that. It is an amalgamation of one grown-up girl’s various passions and need for creativity and sharing, and her supportive partner’s long-time desire to be an entrepreneur. That girl is me, Leslie, and my partner is Richard.

So, what are those passions that inspire this business? Travel, photography and nature, as well as an almost-obsession with beautiful stationery. (Nod if you can relate!) On any adventure big or small, we usually have our trusty camera with us, ready to take a few good shots, especially when in a natural environment. Now we can put some of our photographs on notebook covers and share them with the world.

…and I do this because of my hunger to create and share. Designing notebook and journal collections has been an amazing creative outlet, and having tangible items to share with others adds an extra element of excitement. Knowing that others appreciate the designs brings so much fulfillment, almost as much as giving to charity does. By including a philanthropic element in the business model, Do Good Paper Co. allows us to have a purpose that is greater than having an outlet for all our passions or merely making a profit.

The bottom line is naturally top of mind because of our corporate backgrounds. But the longing to start his own gig, even with the financial uncertainties associated with entrepreneurship, motivates Richard to do this business with me. Having said that, the purpose for him matches mine… to create and offer something that will make people happy while making the world a better place.

This endeavour is also work that is challenging us, an already busy couple, to expand our endurance and resilience, and our love and appreciation for each other, our family and for all of the world. So, you see?... Do Good Paper Co. is much more than just a stationery business that sells the best journals and beautiful paper notebooks.

Why should you believe in us? Because we are packed with passion, creativity, a charitable heart, and we're good business people. Whether you write on paper everyday or just once in awhile, or looking for a nice gift for someone else, we are certain that you'll find something here that will do you and the world some good.

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I am so glad I read this part. it helps me picture you and your partner and I feel your love of a quality proct one at a time. I love giving your products as gifts. people are always so impressed with the attention to detail and the beauty. keep up the work. thank you.

Donene Sawatzky

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