Lists, lists and more lists!

Lists, lists and more lists!

Lists Spiral Notebook by Do Good Paper Co.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve created more lists during lock-down than ever before. At first, it seemed counterintuitive… wouldn’t having less freedom mean having less to do, resulting in a lesser need to stay organized with lists? After thinking about this for a bit, it started to make sense.

For example, when we’re making fewer store visits, the list of things we need to buy grows larger. When the last vacation we took seems like it was eons ago, we begin to think back on all the places we’ve travelled and all the destinations we have yet to visit. After picking up a new hobby, like reading or painting, we started to notice all the books or supplies we want to get.

We asked our Instagram followers what kinds of lists they keep, and then grouped the answers into 4 categories. Here are the types of lists that our very own customers find helpful to make, to maintain a certain level of sanity and contentment in their lives.


1. To-Do Lists

    This may seem like an obvious category because it is, and because it’s IMPORTANT! Creating daily, weekly and even monthly to-do’s is a sure way to stay on top of things and have a sense of accomplishment. Get even more specific if you’re an uber-organized person:

    • Chores
    • Errands
    • “Honey Do”
    • To call or email
    • Home projects (like go through that catch-all drawer, organize the cleaning products under the laundry sink, donate clothes, organize the Lego sets, etc.)


    2. Shopping Lists

    Yes, another obvious one. But we’re not just talking about quick hits like a typical grocery list. How about these that will come in handy down the road?

    • Wish list (for yourself)
    • Gifts for others
    • Small businesses to support
    • Charities to make a donation to
    • Supplies for work (for us, it’s things like shipping labels, boxes, tissue paper, tape, etc.)


    3. Business-related Lists

      Besides stocking up on supplies, here are some other ideas that might be useful if you’re an entrepreneur.

      • Prospect list (to get new customers)
      • Tax documents
      • Blog topics
      • Social media content ideas
      • Design ideas (jewellery, stationery, candle scents, etc.)


      4. Past-time

        It shouldn’t be all work, so let’s make sure to have some balance and create lists for fun things. This way, we keep them top of mind and inspire ourselves to try new things.

        • Recipes to try
        • Gratitude, affirmations and prayers
        • Books to read
        • Movies to watch
        • Playlist
        • Countries visited and future vacation destinations
        • Activities after pandemic is over

        Here’s one final tip: keep your lists in a single place, like a dedicated Lists notebook. Writing lists on loose pieces of paper often results in lost lists. If that’s happened to you before, you probably understand the pain that can cause.

        Are there any other lists you would recommend?

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