Lighten your mind with these journaling prompts

Lighten your mind with these journaling prompts

May daily journaling prompts for mental health

May is Mental Health month, and with the arrival of warmer weather and return of busy work and social schedules, we thought it would be fitting to create journaling prompts that focus on mental wellness.

Here are daily writing prompts that you can use in your journaling practice. Spend just 5 minutes a day to reflect and write. It can truly change your day and set yourself up for a better tomorrow if you invest just a little bit of time to lighten your mind.

So here goes...

Sunday - Instead of journaling today, do a brain dump on paper so that you can start a new week with a decluttered mind.

Monday - "What seems to be just right in life right now is..."

Tuesday - "I want to tell my younger self that I grew up to become..."

Wednesday - "What I think is missing from my life is..."

Thursday - "What caused me worry this week that didn't turn out so bad was..."

Friday - "My stress has taught me this about myself: ____"

Saturday - "Today, I will tell ____ what's weighing on my mind."


Cycle through these prompts every week, revisiting last week's entry and adding to it, or writing a new thought each week. We post these prompts daily in our Instagram stories so follow us there to be prompted everyday.

Love nature? We have nature-inspired journaling prompts as well.


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