Is stationery really still discretionary?

Is stationery really still discretionary?

Notebooks and stationery by Do Good Paper Co.

Since the pandemic started, purchasing behavior has changed drastically. For one, consumers are purchasing online a lot more. According to Statistics Canada, retail e-commerce sales more than doubled year over year in May. While we recognize and understand the shift to online shopping, we’re fully aware that stationery falls into the discretionary category. Statistics indicate that consumers are spending more on non-essential items though, and we offer some reasons why paper goods and other stationery can enhance your daily life, especially now during COVID, and deserve to be considered more than discretionary.

  1. Stock your home office with the right tools

Whether it’s for you working from home or the kids who are attending school remotely, having the necessary tools makes the experience a lot more comfortable. This includes having the right technology, desk and chair, but also some stationery to help you or the kids be productive and stay organized. Notebooks and file folders allow you to keep all your work/school notes together, and loose pages can be kept together in folders. Don’t underestimate how much organization this helps to bring to the remote office and to your mental space!

  1. Take care of your mental health

There is no doubt that pandemic fatigue and other pressures are building up. With the expected “twindemic” relating to the start of flu season coming, less sunlight, and a barrage of other reasons, our mental health is going to take a hit. Journaling is a very helpful practice to begin, if you’re not already doing it. You can check out some recent blog posts that talk about the benefits of journaling, and also get some journaling prompts to get you started.

  1. Start a new hobby at home

Business closures and other restrictions means more time spent time at home! Don’t give all your extra time to screens. Instead, find a new hobby. Try painting, cooking, yoga… the possibilities are endless. Some ideas that could use some good ol’ fashion pen and paper are drawing, poetry, and story-writing. By the way, when was the last time you played a game of Hangman?

In our new reality, if it’s possible, we want to do more than merely survive. We want to thrive, and being productive, mentally healthy and fulfilled can help us do that. So sure, stationery aren’t essentials like food and shelter, but having some does enhance life quite a bit, agreed?

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Agreed! I started a journal when I read your blog with COVID prompts. Started in April when we were at 17,897 cases in Canada…now over 228,500. So great to have a good quality journal to record this journey!


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