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Holiday gifts that are thoughtfully personalized

The holidays are near, and many of us are thinking about our Christmas list if not already buying gifts. Though Christmas is a time of giving, it is also a glorious opportunity to let someone know how special they are to you. And what better way to do that than with a present that is thoughtfully personalized for them?

Let us take the mental stress away, so you can use your precious time to actually buy the gifts and personalize them for those special people in your life. Here are some ideas that are not only meaningful to the recipients, but are meaningful gifts because they give back.

2020 Planner & Notebook

1. For Grandma or Grandpa….

After several generations of growth in the family, remembering birthdays is a tough task for anyone. How about giving your grandparent(s) a Monthly Planner & Notebook that is pre-populated with the entire family’s birthdays and other special occasions, including the visits you plan to make? Give them something to look forward to, on top of easing their worries about forgetting birthdays!

2. For your sister or girlfriend…

For any sentimental gal in your life, give them a feminine and natural-feeling diary that would serve as the perfect home for all their secrets and special memories. Pair it with a matching lipstick or better yet, write down one of your favourite memories with her to bring her to giggles or even happy tears.

3. For Mom…

No matter what kind of kid you were, we are sure your mother had to face many surprises while you were growing up. Continue to surprise Mama with one of our amazing subscription boxes. The Winter 2020 edition will be filled with beautiful stationery and other products that promote love for all, while we stay safe and cozy at home.

4. For your significant other…

Ok, Boo might be getting more than one present, right? How about making one of those gifts a stand-out bullet journal that includes some of your “favourites” together? Customize the journal as much as you want, but we recommend making one of those pages your favourite movies, and including a pair of movie tickets safely stored in the back pocket of the journal. This could potentially be a super-romantic gift…. just use your imagination.

5. For just about anyone…

If you know anyone special in your life that is in need of a local getaway this year, give them one of the products from the Wander & Explore collection. Take it a step further by doing some quick research and including a suggested itinerary or “must-see” to get them excited. Then, they will have this handy notebook or journal to bring along with them on their trip so they can write and keep those vacation memories alive for years to come. After all, this is no ordinary year... and there's lots to write about.

All of these gift items range from just $12 to $54. Giving each gift that extra thought and personalizing them is what makes them priceless. There are so many ideas, but this is our shortlist... we hope you like some of these ideas. Happy online shopping everyone!


Updated on November 13, 2020.

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