Helping employees transition back to work

Helping employees transition back to work

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Are you asking your employees to go back to the office? It's what they used to do before the pandemic... so, no biggie, right? Wrong! After about 2 years of working from home, going back to the office is potentially a big change for them.

Waking up earlier, getting dressed, preparing meals in advance, coordinating schedules with family members, and commuting are just some of the things that were not a worry for a long time. There may be very good reasons to have the team working together in person again, but it will take some getting used to, and it might be helpful for employers to be aware of that and acknowledge it.

Here are some ideas to help make the transition smoother:

  1. Ease your employees back in with a hybrid schedule. If possible, allow for flexibility on which days they choose to come in.
  2. Plan some social time so that the team can catch up and talk face to face without the anxiety of being frowned upon. Perhaps there are new employees to get acquainted with, and some scheduled social activities can set a positive tone.
  3. Avoid early morning and end-of-day meetings. Allow your valued employees to start and end the day as stress-free as possible.
  4. Welcome the team back with spoken words. It doesn't have to be along speech, but showing up to express your gratitude and to acknowledge the change can boost acceptance and willingness.
  5. Show your employees your appreciation with gifts. It can be free coffee and lunch, or if the budget allows for it, gift bundles are a great way to delight, and help your employees feel excited to be back at work.

In the last few weeks, several customers have purchased notebooks, journals, planners and pens to include in employee bundles as welcome-back or onboarding gifts. Gift boxing companies such as Bliss Box Inc. and Gift Better Co. have purchased our stationery products to pair with other curated products, such as tea and snacks, and coffee mugs for their corporate clients to give to their employees.

These simple gestures show your employees that you recognize that going back to work is a big change. By helping to cultivate a positive attitude and warm environment, the result is a willing team that understands and accepts your expectations, and one who will carry out their responsibilities with greater satisfaction and engagement.

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