Haikus written by you

Haiku for creative challenge 1

We hosted a series of creativity challenges in January in honour of International Creativity Month, and were absolutely delighted by the participation. We were especially charmed by the haikus that were written and have chosen 10 to showcase here.

The creative challenges we posted were as follows:

  • Week 1: Write a haiku about anything. Three lines, 5-7-5 syllables.
  • Week 2: Do a blind contour drawing of a person or animal. The rules are: don’t lift your pencil off the page, and don’t take your eyes off the subject!
  • Week 3: Create a graphic with a quote that resonates. Try using the app Canva.
  • Week 4: Photograph a flat lay of must-have items (for any reason or occasion). We did daily winter essentials as a mompreneur working at home.

We asked participants to complete the tasks and post them on Instagram, tagging @dogoodpaperco and using hashtag #creativejanuary. But we encourage you to be creative every day, so if you’d like to try any or all of the above tasks, please do so and tag us so we can see your creations.

Without further delay, let us share with you 10 haikus that were written by you.


Ardent Spirits
In wine there is truth
Flowing creativity
Godly poetry
By @foodfables


Love & Gratitude
Human compassion
Each one gratitude in us
Expression of love
By @place4fit


Making Decisions
Walking through the path
What is the right way to take?
Just follow your gut
By @penpalmichelle


New day time to run
Through knee-high snow, not so fun
Ah long run is done
By @trails.or.tales


(…in memory of her dad)
Music is playing
But only he can hear it
Where he rests his head
By @hayleys.book.stop


Walk with me outside
See the beauty of it all
How I love nature
By @clay_tulips_by_c


Baby Chins
He’s just one baby
But he has three chubby chins
Each adorable
By @adhd.yoga


Scratch out hot yoga
Cancel the get together
Open the wine up
By @mommamiamia


I’ll be missing you
Today, tomorrow, always
Our eternal love
By @miss_kellysbookishcorner


And here is one last poem… not technically a haiku, but still a wonderful creation.
It came to me one day…
As fast as it came, it left…
Now it happens everyday…
By @visiondezignz


Let these amazing poems inspire you to try writing a haiku. New to poetry?... no worries. We have tips from a poet that you can check out, and lots of beautiful journals that you can use for your writings.

A huge thank-you to everyone who joined and for those of you who participated in 3 out of 4 challenges, a small gift will be on its way next week.

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