Expressing yourself through Poetry

Expressing yourself through Poetry

Poem by Taniya of YogaTeaPoetry

If you were to talk to some of my former colleagues, they would probably call me a social butterfly. Quite a contrast to how I described myself above, isn’t it? 

I would say maybe there is still a social butterfly somewhere in me, but the slowness of the past year has definitely made me appreciate the quietness a lot more. I have started getting to know myself, and my deeper emotions, instead of always numbing the pain with social outings, shopping, sugar, and sometimes overworking. 

My journey with poetry started before I understood what poetry really is - I remember I was 6-8 years old, and I would write stories from my imagination, and sometimes doodle a little too (although I must say that not many people can understand my doodles). The first poem of mine that I remember was written during a Poetry Writing competition in school around Grade 6, and it was about life, our minds, and psychology - yes, the 12 year old me really thought that she understood life! I won an award for it, and it encouraged me to continue writing. Over the years, poetry has become my expression, my escape, and my healer. Sometimes, I sit down with a plan to write, but my favorite moments are when in the middle of the day/ night, words just start flowing and all I can do is grab a pen and paper, and just write. 

If you have already discovered the writer/ poet in you, I would love to connect and read your work. And if you are ready to begin your journey with poetry, let’s grab a journal and a pen. Let your imagination run wild as you use the following prompt to write. This is just a suggestion, you can feel free to write about any topic that is calling to you today. 

Suggested Prompt: Close your eyes, and remember a moment that took your breath away. What was it about that moment that stunned you/ that stayed with you? Think of all the 5 senses if that helps, and just write.

Feel free to use the following sub-prompts for some of your lines:

I remember the moment when ______________

(What did you see/ smell/ taste/ hear?)


I felt as if _______

(How did you feel?)


I wonder _________

(What did you take away from it?)

If you are worried about the structure of the poem, let me just say that indeed there are technicalities to poetry, but don’t worry about those as you write your first draft. Just let the words flow, and you can always go back and edit them later for flow and rhythm. I will link some resources below that can help you understand the different elements of a poem, and the tools that can be used for your own poetic composition. 

The beautiful thing about poetry is that it helps us express thoughts and emotions that otherwise would surface and quickly get swept aside in our busy routines. Poetry helps me (and I am sure a lot of others) slow down and appreciate the small joys of life.

Like Elizabeth Acevedo says in her book ‘The Poet X’:
“There is freedom in choosing to sit and be still
When everything is always telling you to move, move fast.”

What I am trying to say is, there is a writer hidden in all of us, we just have to quiet the noise, and take a deeper dive and see what comes up.

If you would like to read some of my work, please visit my website, or you can see it on Instagram too. 

Happy Writing! 


Further resources:

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-- Written by Taniya GS


Taniya of Yoga Tea Poetry

Taniya is a poet, a yogi, and a tea-enthusiast. Her love for poetry started at a very young age when writing her thoughts down on paper was the only way she knew how to process her emotions. Now, she writes as a means of healing, and connecting with others who may otherwise feel they are alone in their struggles. You can follow her on Instagram @yogateapoetry to get a glimpse into her world.


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I saw you in my dream
I thought, my life is completed now
But , after waking up i was like how
I realised it’s totally different from my imaginary World.
It may not be possible in real
But , I’ll always get this kind of short happiness in my world forever .
Because i know you may not going to be a part of my real world.

Anushka Sharma

I started writing poems to express my feelings I read them to close family but no one else, one day I really want to publish them some day I just don’t know where to start.

Maisy Twigg

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