Subscription box with planner, journal, colouring pencils, ruler and alpaca scarf on a grey chair

A winter subscription box for exploring new frontiers

Climb to new heights in 2023 as you arm yourself (or someone you care about) with some practical, and valuable items inside our award-winning winter subscription box.

The theme is "explore new frontiers" and I wanted to tell you about the inspiration behind the design or curation of each of the products inside this box.

2023 Monthly Planner and Notebook

  1. 2023 Monthly Planner and Notebook – The cover on this planner is a Canadian mountain landscape shot by a Canadian photographer (@dylanjvmes). This photo was selected as a winner in our 2021 Annual Photo Contest, and I made the final decision to tie this image with a planner because I wanted to inspire users of this planner to reach for new heights in the new year. To help that along, there are inspiration quotes on all of the monthly calendar spreads about getting through challenges and climbing higher.
  2. Compass Denim Journal – For a long time, I wanted to design a journal using denim fabric, and this winter was the perfect time to actualize that idea because I needed something to go along with the mountain planner for the winter box., and from there, the theme of exploring new frontiers was firmed up. This new journal features a simple gold compass on the cover, and is now a part of the Wander & Explore collection.
  3. Recycled Newspaper Colour Pencils – I came across Onyx and Green in the past when I was looking for eco-friendly office supplies, and came back to this brand when I had the idea to include colouring pencils. Finding them made with recycled newspaper was actually a fluke and a bonus, because it’s such a great fit with our theme (“make your own headlines with your adventures”) and with our eco-friendly values.
  4. Black Metal Ruler – the final stationery item I decided on was this small, sturdy ruler, which customers can use for simple measuring and conversion tasks at their desk. But on a grander scale, I liked the idea of measuring how far you go or how high you climb… obviously not with a ruler – totally different units of measure!
  5. Alpaca Seamless Ombre Scarf from Pokoloko – As you know, this is a stationery and lifestyle box, so I often include non-stationery items that complement the theme but that are also practical. Well, this timeless grey scarf made of one of earth's most sustainable fibres is the perfect item to take with you on your winter adventures! Plus, it’s a great gift on its own if separated from the winter box, and I tell customers to think of subscription boxes as a way to get a bunch of beautiful products that they can keep or gift away.

I love including items from other Canadian brands and was proud to have found a way to do that while sticking with the theme. Want to see me talk more about this amazing box? Click here for my first YouTube unboxing video.

And if you’re reading this, here’s some insider info… I totally went over budget with this box. The value of the items is $115, you get it all for $59… or $55 with a subscription! Sure, I’m not making a whole lot of money, because a portion is also donated to 10,000 Trees, but I figure that if you love this box, maybe you’ll come back for other notebooks and journals.

This box is available for purchase as a single box. Or, subscribe to receive a box every 4 months and receive exclusive benefits.
Compass Denim Journal with lined paper
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