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What's in our name?

We are Do Good Paper Co. and here is how we commit to doing good. We design paper stationery products that make our customers happy, help them be productive, and give them material tools to reflect, write and be creative. And we also have a focus on the environment, and the world around us – from our own community to communities around the world.

That’s why we dedicate a portion of our revenues to philanthropy. Our charity of choice is 10,000 Trees. We know that it takes trees to make our beautiful notebooks and journals, so it was easy for us to decide to support a local tree-planting cause. Whenever our customers purchase products from our regular line, they are helping to plant trees for future generations.

10,000 Trees is an all-volunteer organization that plans and execute one of Canada’s largest annual spring planting events. Its mission is to enhance the natural biological diversity of the ecosystem that surrounds the Rouge River, and since it started in 1989, it has now rehabilitated over 200 acres of land. Each year in April, 10,000 Trees plants trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers, with the help of over 2,000 members from the community! The important work of 10,000 Trees gets more expensive every year, so we are proud to be a contributor, so that they can continue to improve the natural habitat for all living in and around the Rouge National Urban Park and Rouge River watershed areas. 10,000 Trees is a recognized charity and accepts donations online.

The other way in which Do Good Paper Co. gives back is by directing a portion of proceeds made from each season’s stationery subscription boxes to a different cause. For example, our inaugural Fall 2019 edition subscription box is themed around education, and the money will go to a Canadian charity called CODE, to support their work in advancing literacy and education in developing countries.

And finally, we occasionally run ad hoc campaigns in response to urgent global events, such as the forest fires that are taking place in the Amazon. As a start-up, our contributions may not be large in amount, but they are in terms of intentions. And we know that our customers believe in our mission and in giving back, and will support us now and into the future, when we will have the power to give a lot more.

Our slogan is “Beautiful paper products that do you and the world some good.” We hope you agree that we live up to it.


Photo by Gary James

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