No act is too small when doing good

No act is too small when doing good

Shannon Belleisle, creator of Project Social

Think about the things that make you happy for a second, like really feel good in your bones happy. Generally speaking for most people that feeling stems from high energy and positivity. That energy often evolves from moments in your life that inspired you, encouraged you to be better, supported you in ways you never thought were possible, and left you feeling heavily emotional because someone helped you or you were able to help someone else. Doing good things pushes us all towards a greatness that we yearn for even as young kids. Doing good in school, having a hobby you’re good at, being good for your parents - all of this translates into adulthood where we look for moments that leave us feeling like we are good at something or that we did something good.

Doing good things can be as little or big as you want it to be. Smiling at a stranger when out for a walk, complimenting someone on their outfit when you’re out shopping, purchasing from local businesses, buying the person behind you a coffee, donating your time or money to local charities, supporting businesses who give back to the community. All of these things and more are just a few ways you can choose to wake up and do good.

During this unprecedented time of a global pandemic, when staying home and practicing physical distancing is generally the most responsible thing to do, doing good may look very different. The acts may be smaller, but it doesn’t mean they’re less meaningful. Keeping a journal to keep track of your experience and all the little things you did or that others did that made the world seem brighter could be a very special and uplifting project. 

At Project Social our entire motto is focused on finding the good in people. We work with entrepreneurs to find out what their magic is, the thing they are really good at, and share that with the world. We create spaces that fill the room with positive energy and leave people feeling safe, happy, supported - leaving people feeling good. And then we take all of that goodness, and we give some of it back to the community - to show others who might not be in such a good place that someone out there is looking out for them, because when one person in your community succeeds, we all succeed.

Think about that for a second - when one person in your community succeeds, we all succeed. When we do good things and spread positivity there is an energy in the air that people start to draw from - encouraging, uplifting and pushing others around them to also “do good”. When one person succeeds, we all succeed. And that my friends is the importance of doing good. When one person does something good it’s like a domino effect within the community, people start to step up, the community comes together for the betterment of everyone around them. Goodness encourages greatness, and doing good is just the beginning of the kind of next level success we are all capable of.

We invite you to comment on what you can do to spread some goodness and some joy. No act is too small. 

-- Written by Shannon Bellisle

Photo credits: @project_social_ and @snowyriverimages



Shannon Bellisle is a Barrie wedding planner, stationery designer and social media strategist. She is also the creator of Project Social, a platform for creative entrepreneurs to collaborate, challenge, and inspire one another.

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