New Year Journaling Prompts

New Year Journaling Prompts

January journaling prompts

2023 is here! I’d love to start this year with a BANG but truthfully, I feel like taking a gentler approach. My body is asking me to ease in to the new year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan for a great year.

This January, think ahead with me, and plant some seeds for the next 12 months. The theme of this set of prompts is new intentions. I’m going to cover several areas of life, but you can feel free to modify them or create totally different ones as you see fit for your journaling practice.

Sunday – For my physical/mental/spiritual wellness, I will start…

Monday – Someone I plan to develop a closer relationship with is…

Tuesday – This year, I’d like to travel to…

Wednesday – I will not wait another year to accomplish this: ____

Thursday – I’m thinking about pursuing a new hobby in the area of arts/sports/academics…

Friday – To achieve better balance this year, I will stop/pause…

Saturday – A book I’m adding to my TBR list is…


You can use the above writing prompts on the specified days or mix them up – there are no rules. Add to them or write new answers in the following week. And just because these were made for January doesn’t mean you can’t reuse these prompts any time you want!

Finally, be sure to revisit your journal entries throughout the year so that you can proactively manifest your wishes. Or better yet, turn them into goals and keep track of them in a planner. Writing your intentions is the starting step, and a great way to motivate yourself to put into action the steps needed to make them all a reality, and the reasons for living a fantastic 2023. Happy new year everyone.

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I love these! Thanks for the ideas!


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