Brown, grey and blue vegan leather journals to use for journaling about gratitude

So much to be grateful for - Journaling Prompts

Brown vegan leather journal, sage colored pillar candle and 2 white craft pumpkins on brown table

November is the month for gratitude and thanksgiving. As the days become shorter and many of us feel bluer in the cold months, let’s remember all the things we can be grateful for to keep our spirits up. To inspire you, we’ve come up with a set of daily prompts that you can cycle through each week in November.

Sunday – One person in my life whom I’m grateful for is…

Monday – I’m starting the week with this intention:

Tuesday – Here are a few ways my life is better now than it was 5 years ago:

Wednesday – Something small that I’m noticing and appreciating right now is…

Thursday – One delightful thing that happened today or this week is…

Friday – One struggle that taught me something was…

Saturday – This season is wonderful for this reason:


Spend just 10 minutes a day, or longer, to reflect on these prompts and write out your thoughts. Alternatively, start a gratitude journal to write down things that you’re grateful (not prompted) any time, or write your daily intention or gratitude at the top of the page in your day planner. This practice will surely have positive effects and help you feel happier.

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