Inspiration to glow everyday

Inspiration to glow everyday

Notebook collection: Glowing Petals

When we started designing our notebook collections about half a year ago, we wanted all of our opening collections to be meaningful to us and to bring joy to our customers. There is one collection in particular that we internally designated as our very first collection, and that is the collection Glowing Petals. This entry reveals the inspiration behind the covers of the large and small spiral notebooks in the collection.

You’ll notice that the flowers on the notebook covers are tulips and roses, and these are actually the favourite flowers of our mothers. We designed this collection as a dedication to them, the amazing women who brought us into this world and who continue to love, support and inspire us everyday.

So, we wanted to somehow share that love and inspiration to the world. On the cover of the large spiral notebook are the words “Glow Today” in gold foil. To any dear customer who owns this book, we hope that you are reminded and inspired to glow every single day, in which ever way you can. Even the dimmest light can brighten a gloomy day or a dark place.

And just look at these flowers! These are happy flowers that can liven up anyone who lays their eyes on them. That’s the beauty of nature. We see so many designs inspired by nature everywhere because we can all appreciate or feel connected to nature. Floral designs have continued to hold strong as a trend for a long time now, whether in fashion, home décor, or other lifestyle categories.

To complement the spiral notebooks and still connect with the theme of nature, we decided to add a small linen diary in sage to the collection. The natural texture of linen and its soft, feminine look is the perfect product for those who prefer a smaller size diary to record their secrets and memories.

After reading this journal entry, we hope you’re starting to gain an understanding of the thought process, love and care that is put into designing each and every one of our notebook collections. Our goal for the near future is to have something that appeals to everyone.

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