How to hygge your journaling practice

How to hygge your journaling practice

Hygge and journaling

Hygge, (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends; that simple idea of enjoying the good things in life. While the meaning of Hygge is different to each, the overarching idea is that of comfort and finding joy in even the simplest of situations, and an overall sense of being cozy and content with the way life is in that moment.

Hygge is often associated with winter and seen as a cozy way to get through the long dark chilly days. It can help ease the hard feelings of loneliness that one can feel while they hibernate over these months. This is where enhancing your journaling practice can come in.

At its core, journaling is all about the hygge.

How so?

  1. Bring on the cozy – start by identifying your ideal writing environment; journaling in a cozy nook (also called a hyggekrog) can elevate the hygge experience allowing your thoughts to flow freely onto the page. Or is time spent at a café with a pastry and eggnog latte more your style?
  2. Light it up – write in the evening or early dawn of the day. Lighting a candle, brewing a cup of tea, and snuggling under a heavy blanket is also very hygge.
  3. Practice a little bit of mindfulness – when you are writing, you are by default in the moment and tuned in to your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.
  4. Share what you are grateful for – gratitude is also very hygge and appreciating the moment while relishing in the joy you experience.
  5. Get outside – no matter the weather. Dress appropriately, fill a thermos and get outside into nature. Stop, pause, and reflect on what you see then jot it down.
  6. Block out distractions - distractions do not work well with an ideal hygge setting. Try to turn off your internet connection on your devices so that you can remain present while writing.


25 Journaling Prompts for Hygge

First things first, a beautiful journal can make a difference when you are journaling. This is particularly true when you are journaling to help bring on a feeling of hygge. We love all the journal options from Do Good Paper Co. especially the stunning Linen Collection.

If you are like others, you may struggle with journaling. Use the prompts below to help you along.

  1. What season do you love most and why?
  2. What are you grateful for in your life?
  3. How do you make the world a better place for others?
  4. What makes you feel glad to be alive?
  5. What does happiness mean to you?
  6. If you created a hygge challenge, what would you include?
  7. It is storming outside, how would you love to spend your day?
  8. What book author would you most like to invite over for tea, and what questions would you ask them?
  9. How could you make life simpler for yourself? What have you done already to make it simpler?
  10. What is your coziest room in your home and why?
  11. What is your favorite time in history to read about and why?
  12. What will you think of your life as you look back at the end of it?
  13. What would your hygge manifesto be?
  14. What make you happy? How could you enjoy them more often?
  15. When and where are you at your happiest? What are you doing/thinking/saying that makes you happy?
  16. What happy hygge memories do you have?
  17. What family rituals did you have growing up? Do you still practice those today?
  18. What genre of books enchant and interest you the most?
  19. What single choice do you think has had the most influence over your life?
  20. Who “gets you” more than anyone else in the world?
  21. What would your perfect hygge day look like?
  22. How do you want to be remembered?
  23. If you could start your career over, what would that career look like?
  24. What simple things make you happy? How are you going to make room in your life for experiencing more of them?
  25. What is your favorite holiday, and what makes it so special?
  26. BONUS: Write a love letter to yourself in your hygge journal.


Whatever you do, do not judge yourself. A journal is for you, so write freely and say whatever is on your mind.

Happy hygge writing.


-- Written by Jill Kantor



Jill Kantor, Founder of Hygge Canada

Jill Kantor is the Founder of Hygge Canada and the Co-Founder of Hygge in a Box, a Canadian subscription and gift box company, curated by sisters to offer busy, and at times stressed-out people, with unique, Made in Canada products to help them find a break from their hectic lives and enjoy some much needed me time. It’s important to Hygge in a Box that they support as many Canadian businesses as possible and give back to the great country they live in. 

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