How is your social wellness? Journal to find out.

How is your social wellness? Journal to find out.

journaling prompts for social wellness

Social Wellness is the theme for July and we have a new set of daily writing prompts to get you thinking about the social aspect of your life.

Healthy relationships are a vital component of our wellbeing. Social wellness means giving and receiving social support, which come in different forms (emotional, instrumental, informational, etc.).

This month, we encourage you to reflect on your social wellness, including introspecting on yourself and your own needs, your social circle and your giving of support to others around you who need it.

Here are the daily prompts that you can cycle through each week:

Sunday - "When I need emotional support, I turn to..."

Monday - "I will make time this week to reach out to..."

Tuesday - "I show appreciation for [person] by..."

Wednesday - "One relationship that is not beneficial to me is..."

Thursday - "To grow my social network, I will..."

Friday - "Someone I would like to treat better is..."

Saturday - "I believe I am an [introvert/extrovert] because..."


Giving and receiving love and support is fulfilling and nurturing. So, this summer, make some time to focus on this. Just 5 minutes a day of journaling can really help. We hope the above prompts will help to get you started.

Whether you need a new journal or different journaling prompts, Do Good Paper Co. is here to inspire you. Leave us a comment to let us know if you'll try some of these journaling prompts.

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