9 successful mompreneurs share their secrets

9 successful mompreneurs share their secrets

As a tribute to Mother’s Day, we have been featuring 9 local inspirational mompreneurs from the Markham, Stouffville and Uxbridge areas (in Ontario, Canada) in an Instagram series. These outstanding individuals have been rocking it as a business woman and at home as a mom. That doesn’t mean that every day is easy and that they constantly have smiles on their faces, but they have their tricks on how to cope with their busy lives, and here, we are going to share those tips with you. 

Inspiring local mompreneurs share their secrects

1. Muriah Umoquit – Founder of Markham Wellness Circle, Communications Lead at Cochrane, and Mom of 2 kids

“A lot of people have so courageously stepped up during this time or pivoted their business strategy. I haven't. I haven't moved Markham Wellness Circle to digital events or even done much posting. With 2 kids at home and an extremely busy workload with knowledge translation of COVID-19 evidence, I am giving myself the evenings to relax. It's been a big change of pace for me but one that I have been cherishing.”

2. Denise Tsui – Co-owner of Modo Yoga Markham, Founder of Inspired Living with Denise, and Mom of 2 girls

“My piece of advice is be easy on yourself. Give yourself grace. As a mom you can’t be a chef, housekeeper, parent, multipreneur (or working from home or even as an essential worker), and friend all at the same time. The most important thing is to support yourself and your family emotionally during this time and just do your best.”

3. Nicki Traikos – Founder of life i design, and Mom of 2 teens

“Working from home can be challenging since we are always surrounded by distractions.  I found what works best for me, especially when I am on a tight deadline, is that I let the family know what I am working on, why it’s important to not disturb me and ask that I not be interrupted or that I need the house to be a little more quiet for a few hours.  Explaining what I am working on helps my family understand my business, it opens up conversation about what I do, as well as it shows the respect that my business deserves – even though I run it from home!”

4. Melissa Seguin – Holistic Nutritionist and Transformational Life Coach, and Mom of 2 boys

“These unique times have had me dig deep on how I / we need to spend our time and the feeling is mutual with our famjam - FOREST time for the win.  We love being in nature and the boys are so happy + creative when they have nothing but sticks and rocks to play with!”

5. Naty Howard – Founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine, Author of new book "Your Mighty Inner Healer", and Mom of 3 boys
Naty encourages us to carve out 5 minutes from our busy day to pause and feel, tune in, and reset. She shares this easy breath practice:
  • Inhale for the count of 5 / hold breath for 5 / exhale for 5
  • Repeat for a min of 5 min. Before opening your eyes and returning to your day, pause and feel. Notice the space you have just created within you. Notice the quality of your mind and heart in that movement.
  • Recalibrate as often as you need it through your day.
  • Teach your kids the gift of self recalibration. As one of my teachers says, ultimately we can only teach love by the way we live.
6. Genevieve Wong – Founder of Bee Clean Boutique and Mom of 2 kids

“It has been a dream come true building a business that is meaningful to me all the while having my 2 children literally right by my side. But in all honesty, I would not be able to achieve my dreams and goals without my husband. An amazing support system is one of the most important things not only in building a small business but in life.”

7. Nina Purewal – Founder of Pure Minds, best-selling Co-author of Let That Sh*t Go, and Mom of 1 daughter

One way that helps them find calm in the chaos at home is through their Calming Corner. This corner is equipped with kids books on mindfulness, a breathing ball, glitter jar, kids aromatherapy, a singing bowl and mindfulness flashcards. They all visit this blissful place anytime emotions are running high.

8. Jen Lam – Founder of Yoga Belly, and Mom of 3 kids

“My mantra for motherhood (and now quarantine) is to find gratitude in the small things - this is what helps me get through some of the tougher days.  When I wake up in the morning (before I even get out of bed) I play a guided gratitude meditation to help me start the day with a positive perspective.”

9. Jackie Rogers – Founder of ōTH Pure Body Care, and Mom/Stepmom to 4 kids

“These are very different times we are in. Trying to balance it all and continually readjust. If we don't get out of the house daily, all hell breaks loose! The fresh air and outdoor exploration is a must for us.”

We are so grateful to all of these amazing women for sharing some advice. We are all unique, but we hope that some of the above insightful tips resonate with you. To learn more about these featured moms, check out our Instagram series over the last 9 days.

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