Holiday Gift Guide for Paper Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Paper Lovers

Who are you shopping for this holiday season? As long as they still appreciate pen and paper, we have something beautiful and practical for all the special people in your life. Check out the stationery gifts that we are suggesting for those who have specific interests and those who seem to have everything!

The Nature Lover
Gift guide for nature lovers; Woodlands journal, palm leaf dotted journal, eucalyptus notebook and floral cover dotted notebook
1. Woodlands Journal
The woods is probably one of their favourite places. Let this journal take them to their fantasy world right from home.
2. Green Dotted Journal
This green vegan leather journal with dotted pages is perfect for plant mamas and bujo enthusiasts.
3. Eucalyptus Spiral Notebook
The eucalyptus watercolour painting on the notebook cover with gold accents is the everyday notebook for all writing tasks.
4. Full Bloom Spiral Notebook
Warm-toned florals are sure to make any gal feel ready to write about their daily gratitude and deepest secrets.

The World Traveller
Notebook gifts for world travelers
1. Drawn to the Sea Notebooks
If the sea calls, these notebooks will provide temporary satisfaction for the travelista in your life.
2. Wander & Explore Kraft Notebooks
Travel notes and memories can be penned in these small, no-fuss, Kraft notebooks.
3. Mediterranean Vibes Spiral Notebook
Romantic and vibrant, the Mediterranean is where honeymoons and other adventures are made... document them in this multi-purpose notebook.
4. Wander & Explore Spiral Notebook
For those who love to explore and need nothing more than the stars in the sky to guide their adventurous spirit, this is THE notebook for inspiration.

The Busy Mom
Gifts for busy moms, including pink vegan leather journal, LISTS notepad, travel folio and box set of Mindful Productivity Planners
1. Plant Good Seeds Journal
In calm or chaos, the phrase to "plant good seeds" will be a welcomed daily reminder.
2. LISTS Spiral Notepad
If she's a list-maker, she'll love to stay organized with this notepad that includes pages with checkboxes!
3. Sunshine Travel Folio
On-the-go notes and grocery lists can be kept in this cheerful travel folio. Psst... it's good for passports and credit cars too if an escape is needed.
4. Mindful Productivity Planners Box Set
Meticulously designed to boost mindfulness and productivity, these planners have space for goals, daily gratitude, monthly planning, daily to-do's, and so much more to help keep health and wellness top of mind.

The Business Professional
Gifts for business professionals, including black book, faux leather journals, monthly planner and eco pens
1. Little Black Book
With vintage design features, this little grid journal is great for scribbling notes, doing math, drawing tables and other doodles.
2. Faux Leather Journals
Work in style with one of these faux leather journals with all the necessary features, including 2 ribbon bookmarks and an elastic enclosure band.
3. 2023 Monthly Planner & Notebook
Stay organized and plan for the year and each month. This planner with the mountainscape cover also contains lots of quotes that focus on facing challenges and climbing to the top.
4. Pack of Eco Pens
These eco pens are made of wheat straw, a bio-plastic that makes use of what would have become waste once the wheat is harvested. These needle-tip rollerball pens have black ink and write very smoothly.

The Guy Who Has Everything
Gifts for guys who have everything, Get Cozy notebook, to-do notepads, subscription box, and notecards
1. Get Cozy Spiral Notebook
Bet he doesn't have a go-to notebook with a cozy cover that is meant to induce warmth during the cold seasons.
2. Do Good Daily Notepads
It doesn't hurt to have some notepads for daily to-do's and a spot for a daily good deed.
3. Winter Subscription Box
He may have many things, but what about a subscription box, which is all the hype right now? Specially curated for the season, even he will be impressed with this terrific gift.
4. Woodlands Notecards
Even he who has it all may have a need for notecards so they can write to those they care about.


Finally, for the ultimate present, give your loved one a subscription to our award-winning subscription boxes. If they're a stationery lover, they will be sure to adore this gift that keeps on giving every 4 months.


And if you just don't know what to pick, but you love our brand, give a gift certificate and let your giftee choose what they want.


Remember, a portion of all online sales is donated to a tree-planting organization. These are gifts that give back.
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