Why journaling during the pandemic is uniquely constructive

Why journaling during the pandemic is uniquely constructive

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Suffering from COVID-19 fatigue? You’re not alone. Tossing and turning in bed over back-to-school decisions? Can’t blame you. Global cases are still on the rise and the pandemic is far from over. We’ve been taken on an emotional roller coaster, which we’ve been riding for half a year already. Forced to make significant changes in the way we work and live, and caring for children, senior parents and all those around us who need help, it’s not only easy, but inevitable to forget to take care of ourselves.

Not only that, but if I were to mention the word “mindfulness” and give the advice to “be present,” I bet an eyebrow on your face would rise as if to say “are you kidding me?” And this is precisely when we do need to be mindful, prioritize our mental and spiritual wellbeing, and allow ourselves occasional (if it can’t be regular) opportunities to reset and charge forward with renewed energy and purpose.

So, how do we do that? There are many ways (art therapy, music, meditation, e-retail therapy, to name just a few), but the one we’re going to talk about today is journaling. Journaling during COVID-19 can have so many benefits, and it’s a very appropriate activity to do at this time, considering all the extra time we are spending at home.

Journaling in the present time is uniquely constructive. Why? Unlike regular times…

  • our big problems now are shared by the global population
  • we’ve had very little control over our public activities, and some may feel that even individual rights are being challenged
  • working parents are facing an unprecedented pressure to care for their kids
  • people who are losing loved ones are not even allowed to be by their side
  • all other calamities (such as natural disasters and social disruptions) seem to be getting worse, multiplying the pain that many nations are already feeling

The magnitude of these problems causes us so much stress that it is sure to have an impact on our mental health. Even the most positive person you know is being tested through all of this unusual time. Writing through it all can help you gain an awareness for what you’re feeling, come to terms with the reality that seems so surreal, introspect to ground yourself, reflect to see how you can make tomorrow easier, prioritize your own health so you don’t crash and burn, practice mindfulness in all situations and emotional states, examine what you’re grateful for, and this list of benefits can go on and on.

Writing about our experiences, and recording stats and key events, can be valuable to others too, such as future historians and your own descendants if they were interested in learning about what this generation of people went through. And why wouldn’t they be? This generation of humans who survive are going to come out practically super-humans after all that we are conquering.

So, engage your senses by making yourself a cup of hot tea, lighting your favourite candle, and grab your favourite Do Good Paper Co. journal and a pen as you settle into your fav spot and permit yourself to fully dive into your next journaling sesh.

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I’m all for mindfulness and being present but boy are you right…it has been such a rollercoaster!! I haven’t journaled consistently since high school. I am so glad I have been writting again regularly since the pandemic – this is history in the making…I just hope I get to write out a happy ending.


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