Start a new mindfulness practice with the Summer Subscription Box

Start a new mindfulness practice with the Summer Subscription Box

Open subscription box filled with tote bag, Drawing Breaths book, grey journal, graphite pencil and macrame rainbow

Summer always feels so short. And when you’re having a good time and keeping a busy schedule, it’s easy to forget to take in each moment, to be truly mindful and present. That is why this season’s subscription box is themed A Mindful Summer. The items inside make it easy for you to have a way to always reconnect with yourself and your environment this summer, whether you're staying in town or escaping to different places.

So, what’s inside?

  1. Special Edition of “Drawing Breaths” – We worked very closely with a brilliant yoga and meditation teacher, Tanya Porter, to bring you an exclusive Special Edition of her new book, ahead of its official launch. As a Do Good Paper Co. subscription box member, you are receiving an exclusive Special Edition copy that opens flat, has a hard cover and dust jacket, as well as a ribbon bookmark.

    This journal practice is a comprehensive and repeatable system that guides you, with prompts, to deepen your relationship with your ever-evolving self. You will meditate with your breath while drawing and writing. This will hopefully become a powerful journal practice and your go-to self-care exercise. 
Drawing Breaths, by Tanya Porter, displayed on a beige chair
    1. Faux Leather Journal – This classic journal has a vintage look and feel on its cover, and has been a staple to many customers since we started the company. Use it as an extension to the Drawing Breaths journal or as a place to record your summer writing or memories.

      The inner pages are lined, and made with recycled paper. There are 2 ribbon bookmarks for convenience, and an elastic enclosure band. Grey is the default colour included in the box, but subscribers were given the option to choose brown. 
    1. Look Sharp Graphite Pen•Cil – When sourcing products for this box, I knew that I would want to include a pencil product to complement the Drawing Breaths journal, so when I came across this graphite pencil that never needs sharpening, I knew it was the right one! Its compressed graphite tip equals 100 pencils, and because it never goes, dull, this is the pencil that you’ll want to take around. A separate eraser is included in each package. 
    1. Macrame Rainbow – One of the breath drawings in the book is called “Rainbow Breaths,” and the intention of the meditation is to reflecting on “Living in full colour.” The breath drawing that comes right after it is “Pot of Gold” and its image is the rainbow, flipped upside down. It is what you find at the end of a rainbow, and the intention of this breath drawing is that “Each moment is a gift.”

      This was the inspiration behind my reach-out to local maker, Hannah of The Simple Shop, to discuss making a custom rainbow for this summer box. What we ended up with was a boho style macrame rainbow that is made of recycled cotton cord, in colours that bring together all the items of the box. You can hang it on your office wall, in your car or on your bag, as a reminder to take a deep breath during a busy or rough day -- because what appears after the rain? 
    1. Canvas Tote Bag - Carry all the items of this box in a branded canvas bag that is made of untreated, organic calico cotton in a natural beige colour. Its size is smaller than standard totes, at 25 x 35 cm, making it perfect for carrying books and other small items. 

    Grey graphite pencil with eraser resting on open guided journalHandmade macrame rainbow on a grey faux leather journal

    Get even closer to the details of the contents from my unboxing video.

    We’ve already received feedback from subscribers who were delightfully surprised to receive the Drawing Breaths book, saying that it’s not something they would have picked up on their own or that they’ll need to take some time to sit with it and understand the exercises. And we hope that our customers will do exactly that – slow down and make the time to learn this important journal practice. Once you understand what to do each day, the daily exercises will become an easy and effective way to be present with yourself and to gain total self-awareness. 

    At Do Good Paper Co., we sell journals because we want to provide customers with a beautiful tool for the important practice of journaling, and we offer some inspiration daily by posting journaling prompts in our Instagram stories. This season, we decided to take it a step further and truly encourage and support you in your self-care journey by offering this wonderful book, that will serve as a starting point for cultivating a supportive space for growth within yourself, and a few other practical items to go along with it. 

    As always, a portion of subscription box sales will be donated to 10,000 Trees to help plant new trees and restore natural habitat. This is a meaningful box in more than one way. I hope you’ll truly enjoy it.

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