A dream collaboration for the inaugural subscription box

A dream collaboration for the inaugural subscription box


Subscription boxes are really ramping up in popularity in Canada, and we’ve looked at many. There are lots of choices for those who love cosmetics and personal care products, consumables, and other lifestyle products. But in the Canadian market, there really aren’t any specifically focused on paper stationery. So, we knew we have a unique product, and it would be filled with great value. But the first step was to decide on a theme, and design a collection of notebooks that would influence the content of the subscription box and the cause we would choose to support. And since this was our inaugural box, it had to be perfect.

Luckily, we found the perfect artist to collaborate with. Her name is Nicki Traikos and she is the founder of life i design, which she started in 2012 to follow her passion for visual arts and desire to make a living from her art. Nicki is a talented calligrapher and artist, and when she’s not painting or designing, she is helping people learn everything from modern calligraphy and brush lettering, to watercolor and digitizing, and even how to build a creative business from home. She has even created an exclusive offer to include in the Fall 2019 edition box to share her impressive array of online courses.

When I approached Nicki with my idea and explanation of our subscription box concept, she was sold without hesitation. Everything about the design process was smooth, including the communication, ideation, designing, and eventually finalizing the artwork. The end result was a bold and youthful cover that would inspire young and lifelong learners AND a set of 3 kraft paper notebook covers with education symbols. We named this collection KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Let me quickly explain why Do Good Paper Co.’s subscription boxes are worthwhile:

  • Every edition supports a different cause
  • We curate a variety of products every season and avoid overlap
  • You can always gift the box or any items you don’t need
  • The total value of the content is much greater than the price you pay
  • It supports a small business =)
As we begin the process of putting together our Winter 2019 edition subscription box, we can only hope that it will be another rewarding experience, and that the end product will delight and bedazzle you all.
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