Journaling for lifelong learning

Journaling for lifelong learning

While our youth head back to school, grown-ups can also have the spirit of learning. Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking an online course for fun, or you’ve collected some new recipes to try, or it’s the right time to start that ballroom dancing class.

The older we get, and the wiser we are, the more we realize how much there is still to learn. Here are some daily journaling prompts that you can use this September to inspire further learning, no matter what age you are.

Sunday – “I forget about time when I’m doing this: ____”

Monday – “My favourite quote and why: ____”

Tuesday – “I would like to make time to learn…”

Wednesday – “A small moment with a big lesson from my past is…”

Thursday – “If I could start all over, I’d go (back) to school for…”

Friday – “When browsing the magazine section, I tend to stop at…”

Saturday – “When I was young, I dreamed about being good at…”


Do Good Paper Co.’s mission is to inspire, whether it’s offering daily journaling prompts or eco-friendly tools for writing and beautiful paper products. We encourage you to embrace the new school year energy and embark on a journey to develop a new skill or learn something new.

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