Journaling during COVID - Part 4

Journaling during COVID - Part 4

It was a year ago when I first posted an article about journaling during COVID. I never imagined then that the pandemic would continue to rage on more than a year later. The circumstances are different now, with new variants and greater fatigue, but also with the availability of vaccines and some light at the end of the tunnel that we can finally see. So, I’m here again to offer some new journaling prompts for us to write through this third wave.


Put facts on paper

In Part 1 of Journaling during COVID, we talked about the importance of putting facts on paper for your future self or future historians and descendants to be able to put some context around the situation and your journal entry. Here are some info you can include at the start of your entry.

  • date (month, day and year) and location
  • the local and global stats, such as the number of cases and deaths in your country and globally
  • why cases are surging, such as variants of concern or lack of public health measures
  • whether a state of emergency has been declared or a lockdown ordered for your area
  • who’s in government and what their response is


Pandemic fatigue

Lockdowns, closed businesses, closed schools, restricted movement, curfews, and the list goes on. Are you tired of it all? Are you following all the “rules”? Why or why not? What is your overall attitude about the public health measures and how can you be more positive? And how are you finding ways to find joy in each day even with the restricted freedoms?


Spring is here

Does warmer weather make things better? How?


Impacted friends and family

Has anyone close to you been impacted and how does that change your perspective on or practices in life?


Do you see light at the end of the tunnel?

Perhaps you’ve taken the vaccine or will do so soon? Does this bring you hope? What are the top things you are looking forward to doing?


What new habits or routines have stuck?

There is no doubt that we’ve all made adjustments in our daily life. What are some new habits or new routines that you think are ones that you’ll keep, even after we win the fight against COVID? What new equipment or upgrades have you invested in that you wouldn’t have spent the money on before? Was it worth it and is your life better because of it?


How are you providing support to others?

Whether it’s for your immediate or extended family, friends or local businesses, what are some things that you have done to help? Spread the word… it might inspire others to do something for others too. And as a bonus, think of one other person you haven’t reached out to yet, and plan to send them a message to check in on them.


Write about the above in different entries or do them all in one sitting. Think about the questions a bit before you begin to write, then just let it flow. I hope that you will feel better after digging deep to analyze yourself and getting your thoughts down on paper in your trusty journal. Believe in the process…. I promise you’ll find lots of benefit from doing this exercise.

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