Journal to manifest creation this spring

Journal to manifest creation this spring

Flowers surrounding a red bullet journal with a gold hibiscus on cover

Seeds planted in the past are ready to sprout soon. In spring, new plants begin to grow and animals awaken from their winter slumber. While nature does its thing, we can also participate in creation in our own lives.

For the month of March, let these journaling prompts help you get into the spirit of creating. They can be small things that bring great joy, or they can be big things that make little things better in our everyday lives.

Sunday – As the snow melts away, this new idea is sprouting up: ____

Monday – I am a creator, and this week, I will create…

Tuesday – I want this goal to manifest, so I am writing it down: ____

Wednesday – Today, I’m going to make this person smile: ____

Thursday – The arrival of spring signifies the start of…

Friday – Let gratitude guide me today to face…

Saturday – This weekend, I am planting the seed of…


Cycle through these prompts on a weekly basis, revisiting last week’s entries if you like, or writing new thoughts for the new week.

Often times, we come up with new ideas or have a new desire to achieve something – and those things never come to fruition. When we live a busy life, it’s understandable if we think that we lack the time or energy to start something new or even spend time to journal. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Journaling is a great way to acknowledge something, and if it’s about creation, it’s a good way to signal to yourself that you can manifest that creation.

Some things really don’t take a lot of time or energy to put into action. Making someone smile, for example, can be done by simply smiling at someone first, or sending a friend a little message, or sharing an old photo with a loved one. The reward is all-around feel-good for you and for them!

So, let me gently nudge you to start this journaling practice, and to get into a creative spirit. I hope these prompts will help you along.

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