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How to use a planner to be successful

Success can be defined in so many ways. For some, it means doing well at work and making lots of money. For others, it means being mentally and spiritually fulfilled. We all have our own interpretations of success, and we all have our own ways of achieving it.

There is one common practice for actively pursuing success, implemented by many who are successful in their own ways in their own lives, and that is using a hard-copy planner. We asked a dozen women (mostly “mompreneurs”) why they use a planner, and here are the top benefits they mentioned.

Use a planner to be successful

1. Keeping organized – obviously!

You guessed it… the first one is, of course, using a planner to get organized and stay that way! Many mompreneurs who offer a service (for example teaching mindfulness) have numerous workshops, podcasts and meetings. Plus, all the family plans need to mesh together with the work commitments, so using a planner helps a lady stay on top of all the happenings in their busy life without missing a beat.

2. Yes to Tangibility

There’s something about seeing and writing something tangible that helps many women feel more committed and at ease. Especially for those who are visual people, seeing the full week or month on a page gives a sense of confidence and empowerment. And hello… physically checking things off… how satisfying is that?!

3. Make time for things you WANT to do

This one is our fav… when a planner is up to date, it gives the owner great control over their schedule. They can then find pockets of time for things they WANT to do versus things they HAVE to do. So important for women who live a full life at home and work.

4. Reduce stress and anxiety

When deadlines are written down, they won’t surprise attack a mompreneur. Not saying that it’s not still stressful to get everything done on time, but at least you won’t be caught off-guard. Also, when unexpected things pop up, an updated calendar makes it easier to move things around and accommodate unplanned things. Sorry Anxiety… not today.

5. Look both ways
Ending this article off with this one… looking ahead and looking back is a good practice in general. Having a monthly planner allows a queen to plan months ahead, and also be able to reflect back on all the things that were done and accomplished.


Life goes by so fast for busy working moms… use a planner for all of the above reasons to live in the moment and to reach for success.

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