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Giving to CODE, who is transforming lives

A Canadian subscription box that supports the work of CODE 

As we vigorously work on the Winter 2019 edition subscription box, we wanted to take a moment to summarize the importance of the Fall 2019 edition. More specifically, we want to highlight the charity we partnered with because it is such an important cause. As most of you know already, giving back is paramount to our brand, and as a new business, selecting the right partner is a careful decision, but we feel so good about who we chose.

Our inaugural subscription box launched in September 2019, during back-to-school season, so we created that box around the theme of education. We collaborated with an artist in Markham to create an education-themed notebook collection which was included in the box. For every box that was and continues to be sold, 5% of revenue is donated to CODE. So who is CODE?

They are a Canadian charitable organization whose mission is to advance literacy in developing countries. They have transformed the lives of over 10 million children through access to great books and great teachers, and continue that important work currently in several African nations and right here at home in Indigenous communities.

CODE’s new website does a great job in explaining what they do and their significant impact. In a recent article, they announced their partnership with us, but in addition to buying our Fall 2019 edition subscription box, there are plenty of other ways to support them.

This part of product development, meaning the philanthropic element of each project, is so exciting to us. We realize that our impact may not be great at this point, but every little bit of attention we can bring to the cause helps. For the Winter 2019 edition, we are working towards supporting a cause that matters especially during the winter. Stay tuned, as pre-sales will begin soon!

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