Doing good by giving back

Doing good by giving back

As we reflect on the second year of business, there are a couple of things that we are proud of. The first is that we made a profit this year (yahoooo!). And the second is that we’ve remained true to our mission, part of which is to do good by giving back.

Charity of Choice
Our charity of choice is 10,000 Trees. We believe that planting new trees is a great cause and helps to make up for the paper that we use to produce the beautiful journals and notebooks that we offer you. We commit to donating a portion of revenue (not just profit) from online sales of our paper stationery products to our charity of choice.

Meaningful Subscription Boxes
Each of Do Good Paper Co’s subscription boxes has a unique theme and supports a separate cause. Since launching our award-winning subscription boxes in 2019, we’ve donated to 7 different charities, with Pollinator Partnership Canada being the benefactor for our last 2 subscription boxes. With subscription boxes, we donate 5% of sales. Customers know they are contributing to a meaningful cause while treating themselves to our beautiful stationery.

Other Donations
On an ad hoc basis, Do Good Paper Co. also responds to current events by executing campaigns that can provide aid. For example, in the winter of 2020, we made a donation to Youth Without Shelter to help homeless youth during the global pandemic.

We also make in-kind donations and gave to Literacy South Halton to help support a writing workshop in the spring. Knowing that our notebooks help others to develop their literacy skills and inspire them to write is the other part of our mission accomplished.


In the second year of business, our financial and in-kind donations totaled just over $1,600. This is something that we are incredibly proud of. As we grow, we will continue to make larger contributions.

And the truth is, we can’t do this without you. So, THANK YOU for being our customers. Every purchase you make, whether small or large, makes a difference. Going into year 3 of business, we promise to stay on track with our philanthropic endeavors and will see how we can do even better.


Do Good Paper Co. gives back

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