Our annual subscription box service is back

Our annual subscription box service is back

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Better than before

After many months of hard work (thank you to the many customers who waited patiently!), we are thrilled to relaunch our subscription box service. While many things remain the same, we implemented a few changes to make it even better than before.


Subscribers can expect a new box every four months - in March, July and November of every year. We made this change because many customers told us that, while they loved receiving a new collection every three months, they just weren't getting through their notebooks and journals fast enough.

The other benefit is cost savings. With three boxes a year, subscribers are spending less per year.


Unlike before, subscribers no longer have to pay for a full year's subscription up front. Instead, customers pay for one box at a time, making the financial commitment more manageable.


We are using a new software to manage our subscriptions, and this software comes with the capability for subscriptions to auto-renew, so that customers never miss a box. After receiving three boxes, subscribers can cancel if they do not wish to continue.


Previously, we selected a different charity every season, so we contributed to multiple causes. However, we have decided to direct all donations to a single charity so that our impact is greater. The charity of choice is 10,000 Trees, as we feel that their mission of planting new trees and restoring natural habitat is a meaningful and relevant cause for Do Good Paper Co. to support.

So what stayed the same?

In addition to the charitable aspect, subscribers can still expect exclusivity, beautiful stationery products, great value, delivered right to your door.

Subscribers will also continue to get these exclusive benefits:

  • Cost savings (of $12 per year)
  • Flat fee shipping (of $15 per box)
  • First access to the season’s new notebook collection
  • Ability to choose products when variations are available
  • Ribbons and other adornments for a beautiful presentation

Is a subscription right for you?

The subscription box trend is not going away any time soon. It remains popular for many reasons. If you're not sure if you want to commit, try out a single box!

Our Summer 2021 edition subscription box is almost sold out, so grab one soon if you want it. But the Winter 2021 edition is now available for pre-sale and you can subscribe and pay now, and receive your first box in November. If you're excited to get something sooner, take advantage of our Mini Welcome Box offer, and we will ship you the Mini Welcome Box right away.

Still got questions? Learn more here and contact us if you still have unanswered questions.

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