2022 Photo Contest Winners

2022 Photo Contest Winners

We are very excited to announce the winners of the 2022 Photo Contest! The winning photos were not only stunning pictures, but also taken with so much intention. I share with you the stories told by the photographers who captured these images.
Category: LAKE VIEWS
Jenna Bailey - Lake Views 2022

Jenna Bailey, a resident of Ottawa, loves photography and nature, and takes pictures of her pets and the world around her almost every day. This past summer, Jenna was at her parents’ cottage on Otter Lake in Quebec. After thinking of doing this many times before, she decided to pull herself out of bed one morning to get some sunrise photos. Like many good photographers, Jenna armed herself with patience and the right gear, and waited in her kayak for an hour, and wow!... was it worth the wait? This stunning vista was captured moments before the sun broke the horizon.


Aaron Falkenberg - Little Things 2022

Aaron Falkenberg is a photographer living in Edmonton, Alberta. He grew up in the countryside, which does not have mountains, but lots of beautiful parkland, and learned to appreciate the small things as much as the grand vistas. Aaron works with film, and this winning photo was actually captured on film.

Aaron and his partner enjoy adding new plants to the pergola on their deck, and had come across the Passionflower. Here is his description of it: “It has crazy flowers that can easily be described as almost alien in appearance. People can't believe it when they see something that looks entirely tropical flourishing in the cool northern climate of Alberta. Everyone, myself included, immediately gravitates to the flowers, but as I was exploring the plant over the pergola I noticed its incredibly strong spring-like coils which it used to grasp onto the frame. Many of these vines seemed to flow in a particularly graceful way; the whole plant is so photogenic. Also giving credence to the "alien" description, is that it grows incredibly fast; from one day to the next its wirey vines will have taken over new sections of the structure and before you know it you've got some lovely greenery enveloping the space.”


The annual photo contest is definitely one of my favourite campaigns of the year. I love seeing the images that are entered, but I also appreciate that you were out there capturing details and larger views of the beautiful world that we live in and sharing those pictures with us.

Deep gratitude goes out to all of you who participated, and congratulations to our winners, who will each receive a gift box full of Do Good Paper Co. exclusive and curated products. And if any of these photos are selected for a future notebook cover, the winner will further receive a cash prize and copies of the notebook to share with their friends and family.

We will launch our 2023 photo contest near the end of the summer, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you have suggestions for contest categories, feel free to let us know. And I encourage you to get out there and watch the squirrels scurrying around and the tree branches letting go of their leaves.

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