2021 Photo Contest Winners

2021 Photo Contest Winners

In September 2021, we asked you to submit photos for our second annual photo contest we are thrilled to announce the winners of our 2021 Photo Contest!

Photographs were entered into 3 categories: Seascapes, Winding Roads, and Floral Close-ups. One photo was selected for each category and here they are.


Seascape photo by Ernest Lee
This is an image of the Na Pali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii, which Ernest Lee took from a helicopter during a trip there in 2019. Just look at all those green and blue hues, and a spectacular view that reminds us just how beautiful our planet is.

Winding Roads

Winding Roads by Sayantan Basu
Sayantan Basu is a travel, landscape and cityscape photographer, and captured the beauty of a Canadian fall scene in this image. It’s not the destination… it’s the journey that matters!

Floral Close-ups

Floral close-up by Chelsea Merryfield
This photograph was submitted my Chelsea Merryfield, who was hiking near Inuvik, Northwest Territories when she came upon these Tufted Saxifrage flowers. These delicate little flowers are no bigger than a dime and grow very close to the ground in the Canadian arctic.


Congratulations to all our winners, who will each receive a gift box full of Do Good Paper Co. exclusive and curated products. And if any of these photos are selected for a future notebook cover, the winner will further receive a cash prize and copies of the notebook to share with their friends and family.

A very warm thank-you to everyone who submitted their photos via Instagram or email. It’s great to share a passion with so many talented others, and we are grateful for every single picture received.

We will launch our 2022 photo contest next fall, so stay tuned. In the meantime, get out there with your camera and capture the beauty of our amazing planet. And if you have suggestions for contest categories, feel free to contact us!

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