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How to create a life admin day checklist

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You know that feeling when you have so much to do but you don't really know where to start so you just sit there and do nothing? Some people like to call that “analysis paralysis.” When you get stuck in that overwhelming cycle it can be hard to get moving and make any serious progress. The solution? Create a super helpful life admin day checklist!

What is a life admin day?

A life admin day is a personal day where you focus on all the tasks you need to do that you've been putting off. It is a day (or days) where you dedicate your time and energy to ticking items off your never-ending to-do list.

The ultimate goal of a life admin day is to get organized and to feel in control and accomplished.

Tip: Some people like to book a day off work for their life admin days. Sometimes it’s easier especially if you have busy weekends or kids and can’t seem to have focused time to work through your to-do list.

5 steps for creating the perfect life admin checklist

Having a checklist for your life admin day is a must! Think of your checklist as your guide. It will be keeping track of everything you need to do so you don't have to worry about remembering everything! We can only remember so much.

#1: Brain dump
Grab something to write on (like a cute notebook) and start listing everything you need to get done. Think of all aspects of your life. Who do you need to call? What needs to be cleaned? Do you need to book any appointments? Jot down everything you can think of.

#2: Create sections for the tasks
You may have already been organized and kept similar tasks together but if you didn't, let's take a couple of minutes to organize the tasks into sections. Create sections like household, appointments, phone calls, errands, etc. Put all the tasks into the appropriate groups.

#3: Prioritize the list
Go through your list and make note of time-sensitive tasks. Anything that needs to be done soon circle so you know it’s important.

Also, make note of any tasks that you really want to get done. Maybe they aren't time sensitive but they are important to you. Maybe you have been meaning to organize the garage and you feel like your mental health will be better once you do it. Prioritize that!

#4: Be realistic
Determine what you can reasonably do without overwhelming yourself. Think about how long tasks will take, if you need to do any prep work, whether it’s at home or if you'd be leaving the house, etc.

I know it might be hard when you see all the tasks on your brain dump list and then only picking a few to tackle. You will want to take on more BUT remember that there is only so much time and that's okay!

#5: Re-write your list for your current life admin day
Now that you have your priorities and you've picked a realistic amount of tasks for the day, rewrite the list!

I personally like using Do Good Paper Co’s List Notepad because it's an easy-to-use to-do list style notepad with little boxes that you can tick as you go. Is there anything better than ticking a box? I don't think so!

Types of tasks to add to your life admin day checklist

Household tasks

- Empty the pantry
- Clean the fridge
- Laundry
- Find spots for everything laying around
- Organize your closet

Digital tasks

- Declutter your email inbox
- Go through old photos
- Unsubscribe from email lists you don't read
- Go through your bookmark bar
- Organized files on your computer

Appointments to book

- Doctor
- Dentist
- Massage
- Nails
- Vet for your animals

In summary

Getting organized doesn't need to be hard! Keep a running list of things you need to do. Schedule a life admin day from time to time and keep working on that to-do list! Before you know it you will have a great life admin routine and you will stop feeling so disorganized!

-- Written by Deanna F.



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