Beautiful Becoming and Premium Journal Bundle


Beautiful Becoming: A Transformation Journey by Tina Addorisio is a newly published book that is immensely moving and powerful. In this book, you will learn:

  • The secret to turning a breakdown into a breakthrough
  • How hitting rock bottom is a critical step towards reaching new heights
  • What to do when it feels like there is nothing left to do
  • How unbecoming everything that you are is the only way to become all you can be

Through her own story of unbecoming, Tina shares all the tips, tricks, and tools she used to harness the power of her breakdown to launch her into the life she could only dream of.

This bundle includes Do Good Paper Co.' premium journal in grey, a perfect companion for this book, which is filled with numerous writing prompts so that you can do your own reflection and discovery to continue your own journey towards the stars. 

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